1. A poem and the first ever publication from Jamaican Oy’Nissh Language written in English, Gwaifermer (alphabet), and Veeliksa (character).
Terinéssha – A Call to Hope (in English)
Terinéssha – A Call to Hope (in Gwaifermer)
Terinéssha – A Call to Hope (in Veeliksa)

2. A call to hope. It implies rising above the challenges of life and boldly going beyond norm to claim hope in times of despair such as a pandemic and the resulting problems.

3. A valentine vegan dish, made from a two Kiuesas Gwaimelcavélo Beetroot hearts, two vertical Kiuesas Chomelcavélo hearts, four roast new potato halves, four roast parsnips slices, four roast carrot slices, fresh parsley garnish, a Winter Oy’nissh In-out-ty sauce, and a Winter Oy’nissh sauce. It implies a couple rising above the challenges that a pandemic causes and cling to hope by feeding on the beauty of life.

The word when used as a food, the resulting dish is this.

(Coined by Oy’Nissh GranDiece on 08/02/21 at 8:29 am)